Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wiiality Check

This here is the video that I made with my buddy Jarrett and his brother Jesse, as well as Jesse's woman Steph. The latter two helped out for the outside shots immensely, filmed at Brookdale Community College. The interiors were mainly Jarrett and I filming after hours at work. The whole filming process was spread over two days and we did about 2 hours each day. The editing I did this past weekend and that was about 8 hours there. Special thanks to Jarrett for loaning me the MacBook Pro. It wouldn't have been as awesome as it is without it.

Why'd we decide to do it? Well, I heard about the contest through friends at Rucksack Films (thanks Matt) and when that group decided we couldn't pull anything together in time, Jarrett and I made a last minute effort to try and film something for the hell of it, mainly to see if we could and for the experience. It was certainly a hectic shoot, with little time set aside to write or storyboard, we went with Plan A and kept on it.

After capturing the first set of footage, we realized, like rookies, that the camera mic was off and we were stuck with outside footage with no sound. Jarrett had a song he did awhile back floating around and when we combined that with the video and some sound effects, it pulled together nicely. The interiors were fun and easy since we had control of the lights and had a monitor to use for scenes with both of us on camera. For the zombie part, we used a simply trick of putting the light behind us as the only light and letting it illuminate our ghastly shadows. I think it worked out for the best. I hope you like it and let me know what you thing.


The Fast Choker said...

Dude, where can I get the song? They have an album? I'd mosh to that.

Pretty funny. "Rec sports outside!"

Did you beat the zombies, or what? I hate cliffhangers!!!

emosher said...

I can get you a copy of the song if you like. I have it on my computer I do believe. If not, I'll bring it in from work. It's a pretty awesome song and fit perfectly.

I'm glad you enjoyed the short. Whenever, voting starts, I'll let ya'll know if we're up there so everyone can get the word out. They should be receiving the package by noon Pacific time.

Didn't have the resources to do a full on zombie fight, or the time, so it'll have to be in your imagination until we start a zombie movie proper.

Anonymous said...

I agree, sweet song, hook me up!

Nice job, what contest is it for? let me know and I'll spread the word!

"Let's Fuck Up That Car!"


emosher said...

It is for the Nintendo Short Cuts Contest at www.nintendoshortcuts.com. They're supposed to post finalists up there but you can send links to the youtube video as well. I'll post if ours gets up there.

I think all their judges are from the sponsor though so I'm not sure if it's a public vote sort of thing, though they had alluded to that though it might just be for giggles.

Anonymous said...

Stellar job. Most fascinating thing I've seen lately. Excellent toe-tapper. I give it a 10 w/a bullet. The locales seem vaguely familiar.

Reminds me of another homemade film by a couple of co-workers made in a time warp around 1980. Someone should ask someone's dad about a film called, "Armageddon", featuring a certain tall, skinny, uninhibited alien clad in foil.

You boys have real talent. Musically, creatively & cinematically. I hope I can someday say, "I knew those whippersnappers when."

Live Long & Prosper. And thanx. That's Entertainment.