Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Flash, now with fresh Game Boy scent

The Flash game for Game Boy Advance is definitely one of the greatest action games for the Game boy. The game has you play as the Flash, in a beat-em-up that reminds one of Double Dragon. Besides punching, you can pinball attack to enemies, where you zoom back and forth between them hitting them, a whirlwind attack, where you run around an enemy striking them, and a ground slam attack. The Flash can also jump into "Flash time", which slows down the enemies, so you can get some extra hits, or get out of danger.

Villain-wise, you fight some classics: Grodd and Zoom, along with Circe, Killer Frost, and Braniac. Additionally, on your last life, if you die, as you stagger, go into Flash Time, and you can fight the Black Flash. It's pure awesome.

Bonus wise, you can race Superman, which is a pretty neat tribute to the comic book races between the two.

Buy this game. It's awesome. The Flash demands it!


Worsel said...

Can I just borrow it? :)

What happens if you beat the Black Flash?

MixMaster said...

Sweet, I was looking at that game in the store the other day, but wasn't too sure about it. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

The Fast Choker said...

You definitely have to check it out. it's fun! Some of the bosses are a pain, though (mostly Circe). And the Zoom fight can be a little tricky. But it's still good times.