Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cool cold Colt 45

What should you be drinking tonight? Why, nothing less than Colt 45! The smooth taste will do you right. Would Lando "Ladies Man" Calrissian lie to you? Look at him. He's got a lady dying to get him, all for the Colt 45. Honestly, I'm surprised in Jedi they didn't edit a bottle or two in during the Death Star run. "Hi, I'm Billy Dee Williams, and when I'm blowing up Death Star's and piloting the Millenium Falcon, I drink Colt 45, and the Empire crumbles before me."

Seriously, get yourself a bottle now. I keep one in the refrigerator at all time, in case of emergency. Headache? Colt 45. Knee problems? Colt 45. HIV? Well, you probably got that from picking up ho's after downing Colt 45, but still, drink another one, you're going to die anyway. Roomate problems? Colt 45. And then stab them with the broken bottle.

Here's to Colt 45! I imagine if Billy Dee Williams was a woman, and was lactating, it'd be Colt 45 that came out. Drink up!


Worsel said...

You don't use an 's when talking about plural for the Death Star. :)

The Fast Choker said...

All this humor, and I get a spelling lesson. Bah.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. It is awesome! Get me some lando.

Anonymous said...

Wii post!