Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, It's Hockey At Least

It took a long enough time, but there's finally a hockey game coming out for the DS in October. The only problem? It's Backyard Hockey. This isn't a huge obstacle, since the Backyard games are pretty fun, if kiddy-ed up versions of the games. They use real rules but they're non-violent so I don't know how that will bode for one of the most aggressive sports out there.

I'll take what I can get though. It seems like they're putting a lot of care into it, and who wouldn't considering they're in uncharted territory with a hockey game on the DS. The screens look nice enough and the features they're listing are decent in that you can do seasons and there's stat tracking and all that good stuff we love in our sports games. Still, one can only hope that EA or 2kSports decides to step up with a more mature version. Until then, I'm so buying this and taunting Choker with portable hockey. :)

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