Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello, Hello!

MixMaster in the hiz-ouse! Okay, so I decided not to go to the comic shop this weekend because it is a light week. For shame! (and next week is actually worse than this week -- those bastards! I guess that is what happens when Ultimates 2 and All Star Batman and Robin ship in the same week.) Anyway, it gives me a chance to catch up on the two short boxes of back issues I have to read. Up first is GIJoe Special Missions Manhattan. I've been enjoying these and the Declassifieds (GIJoe, Scarlett, Dreadnoks) after dropping GIJoe when it re-launched as America's Elite, which just sounds plain stupid -- everyone knows it is 'A Real American Hero' (Yo Joe!) After that I'll probably tap into the stack of Star Wars Tales I picked up on sale a few weeks ago. Those are always some nice light fun reading.

Oh yeah, and I saw Spider-Man 3 last night. Can't say I'm a huge fan. I would put it down there with X-Men The Last Stand which I didn't like very much. I'm a bit of a comic purist, so there were just too many stupid changes from the original comics that bugged the hell out of me. I did like Gwen Stacy though. Even though her character wasn't used right and should have been in the first movie (and died), I think the actress (Bryce Dallas Howard) did a great job.


Worsel said...

Bout time, chief. :)

Next week is light, but it is made all the more awesome by new JSA, GL, JSA Classified and the mother fucking Boys. God I love that series. I should have my comic store put that on hold for me.

Anonymous said...

True, JSA is good, but I've been stock-piling the Lightning Saga crossover story so I can read it all at once. Sometimes I enjoy stories more that way. I hear Meltzer (JLA, sorry -- Justice League of America) has been doing a good job on this arc -- much better than the last arc.