Saturday, May 26, 2007

28 Weeks Later

Maintain the quarantine, indeed. That's the gist of the sequel to the psuedo-zombie hit 28 Days Later. Here, the nation of England is under a quarantine and slowly the survivors and refugees are being let into certain districts that have been deemed safe to live in. The last infected person has been dead for months but the US forces that have taken control are leaving nothing to chance. A family is reunited in this new London just as all hell is about to break loose.

A seriously fun and exciting move, 28 Weeks Later approaches the top matter of its predecessor with zeal and a downright dirty attitude, not afraid to shy away from some of the most brutal deaths on scene as things break down in an emerging society. The camera work is top notch, though a little jumpy at times and the action is furious, especially in the opening sequence. A good cast helps the story along, though there are script hiccups (the whole outbreak starts as the result of one of them). Robert Carlyle in particular is fantastic as the father of the family.

This movie is what the Dawn of the Dead remake should have been. It's good, it's thought out and hectic and you actually care for most of the people, even if you haven't been familiar with them long. It's a worthy entry in the not-zombie genre and I wouldn't mind seeing another one if it is done as well as the first two. Check it out.

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