Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movie Weekend

Okay, so this past weekend was movie weekend...(i.e. catching up on my Netflix)

First up, some pretty sweet magic and dragons in Eragon. Despite the crappy ass reviews on, I thought it was a pretty fun movie. It is really all you make of it. Most of the reviewers said it was a rip-off of Star Wars (and I agree, it did have a Star Wars feel to it). But you have to remember, Star Wars was a rip off of other movies (Seven Samarai) and Greek mythology also -- so it is no different. I say get over it and enjoy the movie. I'd call it a cross between Star Wars/Chronicles of Narnia/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings. So sit back and enjoy as things go boom!

Next up, we've got Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. This movie was funny as hell! If you haven't seen it, go watch it now! And if you've already seen it, go see it again! It'll be like cum in your ear-pussies all over again!

I also watched Scooby Doo, which I hadn't seen before. It was pretty good, I thought it might suck when I first started watching, but it got funnier towards the end. Worth a watch, but don't buy it.

Next up: Epic Movie

Follow-uo: Ugh, what an awful movie that was...what a waste of time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Congrats to Choker on his first review. About damn time. Also, I changed some of the template code so that the main area is absolutely positioned instead of relatively. It should work better on those of you with small browser windows or viewing on Wiis.

Brotherhood of Steeeeell!!!! I mean, Red Steel reviewed...

Hey all! New contributor here. Anyway, I'm gonna talk about the game Red Steel for the Wii. Basically, you have an FPS for the Wii, that adds some swordplay to the traditional FPS run-and-gun game. The story is pretty straight-forward, with you having to save your fiancee from the Yakuza, and you get embroiled in politics along the way.

Where the game shines is in the use of the Wii-mote to aim, look, and shoot your weapons, making it someone like a cross between Goldeneye and House of the Dead. It doesn't take long to get used to using the controller like a gun, and for the most part, the aiming is somewhat forgiving. Movement is accomplished via the nunchuck, and feels pretty natural.

Swordplay has your wii-mote control the sword, and the chuck control movement & your off-hand sword. It's pretty slick, and easy to get the hang of. If you turn up the sensitivity, it helps, since I lost some fights the 1st few times around because I wasn't responding fast enough.
Anyway, Red Steel is a solid game, showing the potential for FPS's on the Wii. Definitely worth a rental, or a buy at around 20-30 dollars. I think it took about 11 hours for me to complete the game, but I also spread that out over months, and I'm not sure the time accounts for level restarts, as the saving in the game is somewhat odd, and I think mostly just saves at the start & end of a level, meaning if you quit halfway, it's back to the beginning for you. Check it out, shoot some baddies, and look forward to what the controls will be like for Resident Evil 4: Wii edition.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

28 Weeks Later

Maintain the quarantine, indeed. That's the gist of the sequel to the psuedo-zombie hit 28 Days Later. Here, the nation of England is under a quarantine and slowly the survivors and refugees are being let into certain districts that have been deemed safe to live in. The last infected person has been dead for months but the US forces that have taken control are leaving nothing to chance. A family is reunited in this new London just as all hell is about to break loose.

A seriously fun and exciting move, 28 Weeks Later approaches the top matter of its predecessor with zeal and a downright dirty attitude, not afraid to shy away from some of the most brutal deaths on scene as things break down in an emerging society. The camera work is top notch, though a little jumpy at times and the action is furious, especially in the opening sequence. A good cast helps the story along, though there are script hiccups (the whole outbreak starts as the result of one of them). Robert Carlyle in particular is fantastic as the father of the family.

This movie is what the Dawn of the Dead remake should have been. It's good, it's thought out and hectic and you actually care for most of the people, even if you haven't been familiar with them long. It's a worthy entry in the not-zombie genre and I wouldn't mind seeing another one if it is done as well as the first two. Check it out.

Well, It's Hockey At Least

It took a long enough time, but there's finally a hockey game coming out for the DS in October. The only problem? It's Backyard Hockey. This isn't a huge obstacle, since the Backyard games are pretty fun, if kiddy-ed up versions of the games. They use real rules but they're non-violent so I don't know how that will bode for one of the most aggressive sports out there.

I'll take what I can get though. It seems like they're putting a lot of care into it, and who wouldn't considering they're in uncharted territory with a hockey game on the DS. The screens look nice enough and the features they're listing are decent in that you can do seasons and there's stat tracking and all that good stuff we love in our sports games. Still, one can only hope that EA or 2kSports decides to step up with a more mature version. Until then, I'm so buying this and taunting Choker with portable hockey. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Uncanny

Okay, folks, this is where it all begins. If you've never read this classic Claremont run on Uncanny X-men, now is the time. Volume 1 kicks off with Giant Size X-Men #1 and the formation of a new team including Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Thunderbird! The first ten issues really just build the new team but there are definitely good sub-plots beginning to be laid out here that lead into Volume 2, which is the the return of Jean Gray and the roots of the Phoenix Saga! Also featured are Banchee, Juggernaut and Black Tom.

I missed issues 111-128 (111-121 are available in Volume 3, but I believe it is out of print).

Once you've got the groundwork laid out, jump into The Dark Phoenix Saga, which is one of the best runs I've ever read. I've always been more of an Avengers fan, but this X-men run is tight.

And if you still want more pick up the Days of Future Past TPB. This book contains a great story set in the future starring Wolverine and Kitty Pride (introduced earlier in this run).

So if you're an X-men fan you gotta check this out. And if you're just getting into comics or the X-men, this is where to start.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why Aren't You Reading the Spirit?

Seriously. It's one of the best comics out there and it's by Darwyn Cooke, for whom all of you comic book readers out there should have a hard on for thanks to Batman Beyond and the New Frontier. He's just awesome. If you're not familiar with the series, it's about a man named the Spirit who solves crime in Central City. Might sound a bit like Batman but really it's a story of a normal man who is presumed dead and decides to make the most of his death by taking on the persona of the Spirit, who solves crime with the help of a few friends. It retains a 1950s look but takes place in the current day and the characters are updated slightly with the times but for the most part it's Eisner returned from the grave. Check it out.

Hello, Hello!

MixMaster in the hiz-ouse! Okay, so I decided not to go to the comic shop this weekend because it is a light week. For shame! (and next week is actually worse than this week -- those bastards! I guess that is what happens when Ultimates 2 and All Star Batman and Robin ship in the same week.) Anyway, it gives me a chance to catch up on the two short boxes of back issues I have to read. Up first is GIJoe Special Missions Manhattan. I've been enjoying these and the Declassifieds (GIJoe, Scarlett, Dreadnoks) after dropping GIJoe when it re-launched as America's Elite, which just sounds plain stupid -- everyone knows it is 'A Real American Hero' (Yo Joe!) After that I'll probably tap into the stack of Star Wars Tales I picked up on sale a few weeks ago. Those are always some nice light fun reading.

Oh yeah, and I saw Spider-Man 3 last night. Can't say I'm a huge fan. I would put it down there with X-Men The Last Stand which I didn't like very much. I'm a bit of a comic purist, so there were just too many stupid changes from the original comics that bugged the hell out of me. I did like Gwen Stacy though. Even though her character wasn't used right and should have been in the first movie (and died), I think the actress (Bryce Dallas Howard) did a great job.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Starting today, there will be a new contributor to the Mosherpit Blog. Everybody, please give a warm round of applause and bodies to Mixmaster. We're tagging the team with comic reviews but we'll probably endup throwing a whole bunch of stuff, knowing the shit we send missives about on a daily basis.

Satan's Sodomy Baby

For those that might be unfamiliar with the Goon, suffice to say that it is one of the most badass and best comics out there right now. The Goon and his partner, Frankie, kick zombie and monster ass and anything else that pops up in their weird little town and do it with style and incredibly funny humor. When I heard there was going to be a special issue that would be uncensored, it was a no brainer to get it. Unfortunately, finding it anywhere was the real problem, since it was an adult item, not a lot of stores ordered it, including the store I frequent that actually reserves the Goon for me.

Graham Crackers Comics came through for me. They're a chain in Illinois that usually comission pretty cool covers for comics as exclusives and they also run a mail order business. It might not be as massive as Mile High Comics, but it's laid out a bunch better and I love them to death. Thanks, guys.

Anyhow, the gist of the story is that there's a sodomy baby running around and hilarity ensues. There are two backup stories that only last a few pages but are pretty damn funny in their own right. It's not going to be collected in any of the trades, so if you want a good and controversial tale that pushes the boundaries of taste, hunt this sucker down. You won't be disappointed as it is the Goon and creator Eric Powell at their best.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I didn't want to take away from the Hack/Slash post so I figured I'd make a second one covering bits and pieces happening around the block.

-I went to see Spider-Man 3 and it rocked. It's a great blend of story and action, though I must say that despite the rest of the cast being awesome (especially Bryce Dallas Howard, who is hotness), Kirsten Dunst has either the worst written character in the world or is just a terrible actress. Every time she's on screen I want bad things to happen to her. She didn't bug me much in the first movies. Now, though, it's game on for annoyance. If you liked the first two movies, you'll love this one. Venom is great, Sandman is great and surprisingly, New Goblin steals the show from all of them and gets the best characterization. Go see it.

-I started playing Spider-Man 3 for the Wii. Fun game. If you like SM2 and USM, then the gameplay should be familiar to you, though swinging around with the remote and nunchuck takes some getting used to. There are a few bugs and noticeably load problems, but I'm enjoying it immensely. It's not perfect and could definitely have stood a few months of testing, but it gives me hope for a 616 game that is made with more care. Plus the black suit fucking rocks.

-Dave made me buy Annihilation TPBs against my own will. True story. He kept talking about the series and then I picked up two issues in the discount bin and now I have to own the whole damn thing. Thanks Dave. :)

Hack Slash

Ahhh, the smell of a new issue of an ongoing comic. It's always so sweet, especially if it's a series you've been following for years in minis and it finally hit the big time. Such is the case with Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash. The basic premise revolves around Cassie Hack, professional slasher killer and her compatriot, the mutated monster of a man with a heart of gold, Vlad.

You can see the cover to the left that this girl means business. She's a beauty but with a mean streak and those that seek to hurt the living have a world of hurt coming themselves.

The first issue revolves around a killer psychiatrist and he delves into Cassie's mind to give new readers a little backstory as to why she is the way that she is, which would be pure, unadulterated awesome. It's a great introduction to the series and I can't say I'm not fond of the subject material. If you like horror movies, you've come to the right place. Pick up yours wherever comics are sold or try a few online vendors.

You can check out the Hack/Slash section of the Devil's Due Publishing site here.