Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bad Poetry in Bad Times

“That I May Serve”

That I may serve against the agents of twilight,
a guiding hand through the dim lands of forever.
That I may serve, a beacon in the place without light,
in a time where the shadows threaten to fall.
That I may serve, helping the helpless and those in need,
a voice of reason in trying times.
That I may serve, a shoulder of support in times of grim hope
when tears flow freely in the face of the greatest provocation.
That I may serve, with love, with honor, in defense of the land I called home
through many a year, learning the things that would make me the man I am today.
That I may serve, in the cause of family and friends and those that share my adopted home,
fighting to the last those that threaten to hurt or destroy my brethren, falling only when the job is completely done.
That I may serve and stop the horror already visited upon us, fighting time and tide to make it right again.
That I may serve so that it never happens again.

Ut Prosim.

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