Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nekkid Comics

What? Did I actually make a comic. Nope. This is just a cover that I was working on to get a feel for composing a scene and all that jazz. I think it ended up alright though I couldn't find a nice place to fit MixMaster in right now. Maybe i can sketch him in riding G's shoulder like Master Blaster or something. Could work.

One tip when drawing naked women--don't even try to explain to your wife what you're doing. She'll just shake her head and sigh. It's the truth. I must say, I have been on a chick drawing frenzy as of late. Don't worry, non-believers. I'll draw some more of the FF soon enough. I just wanted to finish this little scene since it got stuck in my brain first.

Any ideas what should come next?

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