Sunday, March 25, 2007

Black and....Purple?

That's right. Purple. Can't tell really from my bad photo but I found the new Spider-Man 3 figures and Venom is indeed, purple. Granted it's a deep and scary purple, but it's a purple nonetheless. I wonder if this is due to his appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man, where he is also more purplish in appearance, though whether that is due to shading or not I have no idea. Pretty decent figures and if the characters look half as good in the movie, it'll be awesome. The whole wave of movie figures is amazing. There's a few repeat Spideys but mainly there are a lot of villains, like New Goblin, Kraven, Scorpion, Rhino and Lizard. I think Doc Ock might even be in there too. It gives the whole line a rather full appearance and saves us from tons of gimmick figures to real figures in the ration department.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For Sparta

300 is a manly movie. It's also a fantastic movie. Sure it smacks of fiction in parts and the styling is pure Frank Miller, but that only makes it awesome and not the Sin City wannabe that other places might tell you. Who, I don't know. But I'm sure somebody will. It's about 300 Spartans fighting off the armies of Xerxes who kinda seems like a Stargate reject but has lots of troops to back his ass up. What happens is a lot of blood and valor and you'll find yourself smiling at it all. Go see it. Seriously.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rats in the Balls

Okay, so the subject has only a little to do with my posting. You'll understand some of it if you watch Flushed Away. The rest, well, that's just me being odd. It's a good movie if you've seen it. I understand it was an underperformer at the box office but I think that's because the majority of it was aimed towards adults or at least semi-adults. Singing slugs aside, a number of jokes, especially those concerning Tom Jones, would fly over a youngling's head. Not so much an adult. Great movie. I was laughing throughout and would gladly watch it again. Doesn't hurt to have some of the great actors that are around to help out on everything.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Just finished the Departed and man, that was a great flick. Just when you think you've got it figured out, BLAM, and then after that, BLAM, it all comes together. Great movie and you may have heard of it and its awards. Can't say I've seen the original yet, but I've wanted to. Infernal Affairs tops many lists of must see movies. That said, I don't think this film should have won for adapted screenplay. Adapted to me, means, not from another screenplay. That's just cribbing. If the plot was taken from anything else, it would be all right, maybe even a movie of yesteryear, but a movie that is only several years old and foreign? Fuck that noise. That's not adaptation, that's just stealing.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nekkid Comics

What? Did I actually make a comic. Nope. This is just a cover that I was working on to get a feel for composing a scene and all that jazz. I think it ended up alright though I couldn't find a nice place to fit MixMaster in right now. Maybe i can sketch him in riding G's shoulder like Master Blaster or something. Could work.

One tip when drawing naked women--don't even try to explain to your wife what you're doing. She'll just shake her head and sigh. It's the truth. I must say, I have been on a chick drawing frenzy as of late. Don't worry, non-believers. I'll draw some more of the FF soon enough. I just wanted to finish this little scene since it got stuck in my brain first.

Any ideas what should come next?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Killing Christmas

No, I'm not talking about the holiday. I'm pretty sure that's unkillable. I'm talking about the Black Christmas remake that I just watched. You know, you'd think it would be a slam dunk to make a remake of such a groundbreaking film. I mean, the original had everything you needed to sell a flick, with a dark atmosphere, competent leads and a decent plot. Verily, it was the prototypical slasher movie, what with the POV shots of the killer that may have been stripped from the giallo. To update it, one should only have to modernize the "killer in the house" reveal that took place by tracing a phone call. Even in the age of caller id and cell phones, they probably could have used a GPS trace or maybe make it IMs or VOIP and someone has to do an IP trace. The characters could stay the same, same with the plot.

No, that's not what happened. Instead, we got a half-assed remake that tries to cash in on the name and story of the original while cribbing from Halloween. The identity of the killer in the original is quite a mystery. In this one, it's just about hammered into your face again and again and we're presented also with an escaped killer who used to live in the house as well, who tries to go home every Christmas and manages to escape this time. The girls are vapid but pretty and we don't end up feeling for anyone. Indeed, the survivor at the end had me trying to figure out why I should even care that she lived. The whole movie is just a setup for Christmas-themed deaths and several shots that capitalize off of scenes from the original, namely the bag death and the shot of the killer's eye, ramming them into the ground and defeating the point of the scenes in the first place.

There are better films out there to waste your time with, and if you want to see a good Xmas slasher film, rent the original. Lacey Chabert and Michelle Tractenberg can't save this film. Indeed, only fire could save this film at all. Ugh.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dirty Dirty

Another chick pic for ya'll, though to be honest again, I used another picture as reference. It's helping though and teaching me more perspective. Little by little.

Cindy Boo-Hoo

Just for my brother, it's the newest drawing of hockey player Sydney Crosby, who probably whines more than he scores, which sucks because he's the scoring leader for the league. Everyone touts him as the next Gretzky but he seems to lack the sportsmanship so far. Of course, he is young so he has time to learn it all while he's in the NHL, but it's annoying to see him bitch and moan about clutching and grabbing whereas you never hear a word about Ovechkin doing that. Of course, he's also scary, so that helps.