Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday, Lucky Sunday

No, not just because I found the Ultra Magnus/Skywarp box set. No, this particular luckiness stems from having just watched Lucky McKee's The Woods. Set in New England in 1965, this is the story of a girl who is sent to boarding school because of problems at home. However, the school, set deep in the woods, isn't as idyllic as it might first appear, playing host to a number of eccentric faculty and a particularly sinister headmistress. Then, young Heather starts to hear voices and experience terrifying visions and it's up to her to find out whether she's going insane or there is something more diabolical going on.

A tersely paced tale that is well acted and suspenseful, this flick is a great followup to McKee's previous effort, the odd-girl horror story May. Likewise, this tale also deals with an outcast girl but Heather is a little more outgoing than May was and also seems to be developing a talent for witchcraft, for lack of a better description. This angle keeps getting played up but doesn't give you the payoff until the end, which is nice, letting you enjoy the harrowing ride that you signed on for. Delving into particularly Argento-esque imagery in the last fifteen minutes, this tale definitely keeps you guessing even when all the cards have been laid out on the table and ends on a particularly satisfying note while bringing the story full circle to events that were foreshadowed in a tale earlier on in the movie.

Bruce Campbell plays it straight as her concerned father but only shows up for about 15 minutes of screen time. I may be off with that. I didn't time it. Worth a watch as it is a good movie and an excellent horror movie that has a couple of nods to Evil Dead in it as well.

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