Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sound advice

It's official. A grail from my youth is now in my possession. What is it? Why it is Generation 1 Soundwave, everyone's favorite cassette Transformer. Truth be told, it's not a real G1, since it's a reissue and also uses the Soundblaster mold so he can fit the two cassettes that he comes with, Ravage and Lazerbeak, inside. I must say, that doesn't faze me a bit and just makes him more awesome. Not a bad little toy with an easy transformation for himself and his robots. Definitely worth picking up if you were a fan of the original.

Also scored recently was Classics Jetfire. He's everything you've wanted in a Jetfire toy and more. I'll take some pictures of him shortly, as well as Soundwave. Jetfire is pretty awesome in the fact that you can make him look like any number of version of the character, be it the G1 Super Macross figure, the Skyfire cartoon figure or the Jetfire we know from the comics. Definitely worth picking up if you see him. Be on the lookout for Cliffjumper and Ramjet as well as the Ultra Magnus/Skywarp 2-Pack.

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