Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry XXXmas

Merry Christmas to ya'll out there. I had a pretty happy holiday though I wish I could get a week of time to spend with my family and just hang out and play Guitar Hero and Wii. Instead there was lots of running around and that will end next year. I just want time to play with my crew, ya dig? On the bright side, I got plenty though all I wanted and needed was said allotted time with my familia. Seems like you just get there and you have to leave. Quite irritating.

On the bright side, I'm the proud owner of Zombies!!!, Mall of Horror and Monsters Menace America, so rock on. It's board game night coming up, I reckon. Time to call the peeps together to rock the heck out. Ohh, Dave's gonna be up with G. I think I have a Game On.

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