Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wii Build Excitement

Launch days are freaking crazy. This is the first that I've actively participated in and boy am I glad I had a preorder rocking around instead of waiting in line. Oddly enough, I still had to wait in lines. I started at Walmart, because I thought they opened at 8. I should have known better when I get there at 7:45 and there's nobody waiting around. Turns out they opened at 7 and were completely ravaged by the time I rolled in. Next up was Target. I fared better here. There was a pretty long line of 80 people waiting for Wiis. Of course, I missed the handing out of tickets for the systems but that didn't matter, since I was there for controllers and games. The weather was chilly but it wasn't anything horrible that a hoodie couldn't stop. I got to wait and chat with a bunch of nice people like a fellow VT student and a guy who looked a lot like DB Sweeney.

Toe Pick!

Anyway, the store opened at 8 and they started letting people in. Of course they were only letting about 15 people at a time inside so the rest had to wait. Turns out it was a line for another line since when you did get inside you were waiting by electronics for your chance to purchase everything. Since I was at the end, it took awhile to get in there and I spent my time telling other people good places to go since the systems were sold out here and talking about games with DB. My Virginia Tech buddy left halfway through this since he didn't have a ticket and wanted to try and get a spot elsewhere and a definite chance at buying the system.

I know what you're thinking. If I was only there for games and not a system, why couldn't I just skip ahead and get what I wanted and leave instead of waiting for an hour and a half. Good question. Because Target said so. Yep, I went and asked at one point and they said it didn't matter. I had to wait. Fortunately, they still had Zelda and Wiimotes when it was my turn in line. Unfortunately, they were out of Nunchuks so I had to go elsewhere. So, with purchases in hand, I rolled out and bid farewell to my newfound friends and looked for nunchuks.

Long story short, nobody had them. Yep. Excesses of Wiimotes, but nothing nunchuk. So I ordered online. Hopefully it'll be here while my brother is up so we can play. If not, we can take turns with the one full controller I do have with the set. I was more afraid that I wouldn't be able to get Zelda, frankly, and the half a controller doesn't upset me as much but it does surprise me. You'd think they'd ship 1:1 with the Wiimotes. I have a hunch that a lot of parents who waited for their kids' Xmas present bought the nunchuk because it was cheaper, not realizing that you needed the Wiimote to make use of it. They'll realize their error soon enough.

Also, fuck Gamestop and EB, at least their preorder policies. I can understand taking them for games, but for the controllers too? You'd think that when you got the systems in you'd actually want product for it on your shelves and to help the buyer who needs the stuff get it from your store. The clerks were very helpful and apologetic. It's just an odd policy, I reckon.

The best part of the story? I get my Wii tomorrow so I am being taunted by all of the games. Ah well.

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