Sunday, November 05, 2006

Part III

The final page is written, in the books of history. Well, ok, maybe not, but I did add a few more words to the work in progress for the novel writing thingamajig.

Words finished: 6172
Words left: 43828

I watched Day Watch this weekend. Great movie, though if it's the second part in a trilogy, I'm confused as to what comes next, since it wraps up the story from the first movie quite well and in a very entertaining manner. Well acted, though I didn't understand a lick of it, since it was in Russian and I know like two words in that marvelous language. The subtitles helped, though they were fast and furious at times and I missed some things as I watched the action sequences. Definitely worth a look if you can get your hands on a dvd of it, though you'll have to wait for the stateside release. I need to pick up the novels as well, since they're getting a release over here.

Poseidon was on the plate, too. Great flick. It moved quite quickly and before you knew it, the boat was tipped and people were dying. Definitely worth a watch if you liked the original or you just want a fun popcorn movie with awesome Kurt Russel action. Check it out.

I also won my first online match of NHL2k7. 11-4 vs. a dude playing the Sharks. Not a bad debut, though I think I might have been more experienced. Can't tell right now since I forgot to check the record. There must be a slapshot glitch though since that was all that went in for my opponent and all he tried doing, all 16 shots worth. I had many more shots and only one slapper that went in when I wanted to try the pattern out myself. I used my normal tactics on there, which is crashing the net and just using a flurry of passes and shots to win. Worked a lot better, I think, though if I didn't know how to block shots, I would have been really screwed. Gotta watch out for that shit later on.

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